A Tasty Tour Along Ontario's West Coast

On a coastline to countryside drive you will find an array of restaurants, cafes, retail outlets and "fresh from the farm" produce.

From Hensall, "The White Bean Capital of Canada" to Zurich, "Home of the Zurich Bean Festival" out to the coastal hamlet of St. Joseph, you will be impressed with the high quality and the old fashioned friendly hospitality and service.

This tasty tour allows you to pick up all the needed ingredients for a barbeque or picnic at Brentwood Cottages. Pick up your meat at Metzger Meats of Hensall. Consider buying your specialty foods from the Garlic Box, honey products from Ferguson Apiaries, salads, pies and entrees from Rader's Deli and Market, fresh strawberries, tomatoes, corn on the cob and more from the farm gate stand of the Masse Family. All of this is on Highway 84 "the Hensall-Zurich Road".


Rader's Deli and Market, 519-236-4039
Hessenland Country Inn, 519-236-7707
White Squirrel Golf Course & Restaurant  519-236-4030
Sunshine Chinese Restaurant  519-236-8618


Ontario's West Coast is emerging as one of Ontario's newest wine regions.

Black Horse Winery is located on the B-Line near Grand Bend and next door to the Huron Country Playhouse.

Craft Breweries are popping up in Huron County.

Cow Bell Brewing Company  located in Blyth

Stonehouse Brewing Company   located one mile north of Varna, 76050 Parr Line Road